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Xiaoshen Hitomi Toll Vehicle Identification System
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Xiaoshen Hitomi Toll Vehicle Identification System

System Profile

Used for vehicle model identification of expressway entrance and exit, based on China's highway toll standard, automatic judgment of vehicle toll type.

The system relies on the dual-video flow three-dimensional visual model analysis technology that has obtained the invention patent, and synchronizes the front and side images of the vehicle, and realizes the core functions such as card issuance by type and charge by type according to the charging model.

System function

The system can provide automatic identification and classification of passenger 1-4 and cargo 1-5 toll models according to the charging system standards, and can send identification data to automatic card issuing machines, toll hosts, highway data toll inspection platforms, and other systems. Implement more industry application support.

It can fully meet the requirements of the classification standards of the row: front height, wheelbase, number of axes, front characteristics, vehicle tire data and other data.

Provide more detailed vehicle information data such as vehicle brand, body color, vehicle sub-brand, etc., to provide reliable data support for the detection of large vehicle data and toll models.

It provides real-time online adaptive vehicle learning function, which can self-learn the vehicles that have been mistaken and corrected, so that the system's late identification is more accurate and stable.

System application


Parking lot

It provides the core foundation for highway toll inspection, unmanned toll collection and mobile payment.

Technical characteristics

1, visual three-dimensional measurement model accurate classification, support for standard network charging classification requirements

The system can detect large vehicles through positive and two-way video flow. It can also provide: license plate number, front height, body width, speed, axle number, wheelbase, wheel number, vehicle length, shape characteristics and other types of standard vehicle classification. Required indicator parameters.

According to the "JT-T489-2003 toll road vehicle toll model classification standard" to classify the vehicles, and the classification data output to the toll system, to achieve card issuance by type, by type of charge, by type of account.

2, the feature search vehicle strengthens the unlicensed car management, can take into account the multiple traffic charge service demand

We will effectively deal with suspected vehicles engaged in illegal activities such as evading fees and illegal traffic through non-conventional means such as nameplates, blocking number plates, and non-listing.

The system can provide reliable data support for highway toll vehicle path identification, highway toll data inspection and other business requirements through vehicle feature information, license plate, IC card, OBU and other data information depth mining and multi-dimensional analysis.

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