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Vehicle View Large Data Platform
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Vehicle View Large Data Platform


Platform Profile

Based on the leading big data technology, the platform provides the public security traffic department with rapid vehicle retrieval, graphic search, trajectory analysis, and data mining and other actual combat functions to cope with the current vehicles often involved in the vehicle, blocking the pollution damage discard number plate and other situations.

This system is an application platform for users with multi-dimensional vehicle feature recognition technology. Based on vehicle view data, the system is based on   public security, and traffic accident cases detected by vehicles. According to the research and development of the time-space logic relationship of the vehicle within a certain period of time, data collisions are carried out through license plates, virtual number plates, vehicle brands, sub-brands, body colors, passing locations, passing times, passing times, and distribution characteristics. For the public security traffic to effectively lock the range of suspected vehicles, improve the efficiency of   handling cases, reduce the intensity of work.

Technical characteristics

1、Using the internationally leading Hadoop distributed architecture, it can flexibly expand the system scale.

2、The data search engine of independent intellectual property rights, hundreds of billions of data second feedback.

3、It can support the data interface with the public security vehicle driving management platform, the off-site law enforcement platform, and the national traffic law enforcement six-in-one platform, and can incorporate the above data into the data analysis framework of the system.

4、Can accept user-customized features development, flexible and convenient.

Platform features

Among them, The function uses cloud computing data processing technology to find hidden clues from massive data, find relevance from seemingly unrelated information, and summarize regularity from complicated events that can not be perceived by the human eye, help to deal with difficult problems quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Platform advantage

1、   leading practical

The platform can achieve the purpose of reducing accidents, ensuring smooth flow, serving decisions, and leading actual combat, and guide traffic management work to the maximum extent. At the same time, it also provided a collection of practical tools for others types of public institute, enriched the means of handling cases, improved the efficiency of handling cases.

2、 Multi-platform data resource integration

Comprehensive integration, building public security traffic data resources. The integration of traffic security card gates with six platforms, vehicle control data, population information, national theft and robbery blacklists internal and external, social resources data.

3、Platform advantage(cloud computing, big data)

Using Hadoop clusters and cloud computing technology, we dig out the internal laws hidden in the data. It can realize the search second feedback of billions of data and the online distributed calculation second feedback of billions of data. Meet the "real-time" needs of actual combat, compete for seconds, and gather power to handle cases.

4、Image reuse, a new way to solve a case.

Using graphic detection technology, the secondary depth identification of millions of electric and bayonet passing pictures generated each day is performed. Transform unstructured traversing data into signature number, vehicle type, vehicle brand, vehicle sub-brand, vehicle color, annual inspection, internship mark, paper drawing, sun visor and other feature information. The use of intelligent search, to search for maps(feature search vehicles) and other actual combat tools to achieve the rapid detection of hidden vehicles.

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