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Traffic Video Detection System
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Traffic Video Detection System


System introduction

The main purpose is to conduct real-time video analysis of massive traffic video images of highways and urban roads, conduct behavioral analysis of vehicles and pedestrians in video, traffic congestion on roads, vehicle queuing, abnormal parking, vehicles retrograde, throwing objects, pedestrians on the road, The automatic identification and warning of abnormal traffic behaviors such as tunnel fireworks, and real-time statistics of road traffic flow, vehicle occupancy, vehicle average speed, etc., real-time monitoring, multidimensional assessment, have improved the level of information services for traffic management.

System function


Provides more than ten kinds of traffic parameters data acquisition and data reporting functions based on lanes or sections that meet the requirements of traffic engineering, internationally accepted lane flow, average speed, average time share, space share, traffic density, flow rate, service level, etc..

At the same time, monitoring and real-time warning functions such as abnormal parking, occupying emergency lanes, retrograde vehicles, parabolic objects, pedestrians, smoke, or low visibility, can be used to feedback information to the monitoring and control center platform in a timely manner. The outdoor display and mobile multimedia terminal equipment provide timely and effective warnings and hints to road travelers who are about to pass through this area to prevent secondary accidents caused by the above events and accidents, and minimize the loss of life and property caused by traffic accidents.

Technical characteristics

1, the system adopts the target recognition and detection technology based on in-depth learning, greatly improves the environmental universality of the system, effectively solves a large number of event misreporting problems in traditional technologies, and makes event detection practical and easy to use.

2, using lane model recognition and image adaptive detection technology, can set up lane detection area to realize road section, lane, traffic flow adaptive recognition, has the advantages of simple setting and powerful function.

3, support multi-level traffic incident alarm control function, can be divided into lanes, sub-regions set different alarm levels, really close to the actual application needs of users.

4, support analog and digital video flow, support based on fixed camera, full dynamic cloud camera, pre-position camera and other different front-end detection equipment, the system is simple to set up, easy to large-scale applications.

System Architecture


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