AI big data enabled, Zhuo Shi Zhi Tong makes people's cars more precise identification

From April 18 to 19, 2018, the "2018 Data Industry Summit" sponsored by the China Information and Communication Research Institute (CITI) opened solemnly at the National Convention Center in Beijing. More than 3000 guests and representatives from all walks of life participated in the Summit. Zhang Feng, Chief Engineer and Party Member of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wu He Quan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Duo, Dean of the China Information and Communication Research Institute, Mao Fujun, Director of the Center for the Development of Talents in New and Strategic Industries, Zhongguancun Jiayi, He Baohong, Director of the Institute of Cloud Computing and Large Data of the China Information and Communication Research Institute, and He Baohong, Director The head of the big data Department of the operator and the head of the famous big data technology companies at home and abroad attended the meeting and delivered a wonderful speech.


On the morning of the 19th, the CEO of Beijing Zhuo Shi Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech on "Telecom Big Data Enhancement of Car Fine Recognition and Industry Application Discussion" at the Telecom Big Data Sub-Forum. From the application status of large data in China, how to improve the fine identification of pedestrians and vehicles with large data of telecommunications, how to combine large data of telecommunications with video surveillance data and government data in public security, transportation, population, environmental protection, parking, tourism, commerce, and how to effectively protect data security aspects to everyone Share it. On-site personages and guests of the industry highly recognized the content shared by Wu, so that everyone from a new perspective on the telecommunications big data has a new understanding, after the meeting, a number of telecommunications operators and Wu in-depth communication and exchanges, and expressed a clear intention to cooperate.


Zhuo Shi Zhitong devotes itself to the application of the fine recognition of human and vehicle industry. It analyzes and visualizes the large data, builds an industry PaaS platform focusing on the recognition of vehicle and human characteristics, opens up the ability of fine recognition of vehicle and human body and large data mining and analysis, realizes the dynamic traffic data and static traffic data. The convergence and integration, has been widely used in nearly 20 provinces and municipalities, for public security, traffic police and other departments to provide more accurate data information, as well as powerful combat tools and large data solutions, escorting social security services and economic development!

Not only that, using cloud computing, large data analysis technology, through the form of data visualization, can predict road conditions, precisely guide specific routes of vehicles, provide important reference for users to travel, make travel free and safe, so that each user feel the benefits of smart cities.

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