Zhuo Shi Zhi Tong was invited to join the China Big Data Technology and Application Alliance

In June 2018, Beijing Zhuoshi Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to join the China Big Data Technology and Applications Alliance as a member unit.

China Big Data Technology and Application Alliance is jointly sponsored by the Communication Network Operations Specialized Committee of China Communications Enterprise Association, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Academic Committee of China Academy of Management Sciences. The non-profit organizations set up by many enterprises, universities, research institutes and investment institutions closely related to large data, such as China Unified Network Communications Corporation Limited and China Unified Network Communications Corporation Limited, are cooperative service platforms integrating research and development of large data standards, technology application promotion, industrial chain cooperation, personnel training and investment and financing.


Beijing Zhuoshi Zhitong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will have more opportunities to learn and communicate after joining the China Big Data Technology and Application Alliance. It will continue to deepen the big data platform and make full use of the industry information sharing, industry policy demand research, technology consultation and personnel training, industry technology alliance standards within the alliance. Services in the fields of formulation, product innovation, capital docking, intellectual property protection and so on will be combined with the advantages of resource platform and government channel to promote the in-depth development of the eco-chain of transportation large data industry.

Zhuo Shi Zhitong devotes itself to the application of the fine recognition of human and vehicle industry. It analyzes and visualizes the large data, builds an industry PaaS platform focusing on the recognition of vehicle and human characteristics, opens up the ability of fine recognition of vehicle and human body and large data mining and analysis, realizes the dynamic traffic data and static traffic data. The convergence and integration, has been widely used in nearly 20 cities, for the public security, traffic police and other departments to provide more accurate data information, as well as powerful combat tools and large data solutions, escorting social security services and economic development!

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