Zhuo Shi Zhi Tong was successfully selected as the "AI Track Star Class" project

With the rapid development of AI, the world ushered in a wave of entrepreneurship wave, different industries are permeating the blood of AI, have engaged in AI research, artificial intelligence in various industries for a time "blossom everywhere".

On August 21st -24, Alibaba joined hands with 36 krypton to officially launch the "Ali AI track star class" for the first time. After layers of screening, the AI track star class has a total of 36 start-ups come to the fore, bringing together travel, education, retail, finance, manufacturing and other industries. As a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence in transportation-related vertical industries, Zhuo Shi Zhitong was successfully selected into the Ali AI track star class. Zhuo Zhi Tong CEO Wu Kewei participated in the AI star class training all the way.



Zhuo Shi Chi Tong CEO Wu Kewei shared: Although the road to entrepreneurship is difficult, but there are still such wonderful scenery, hope to return, must return is no longer a teenager.

Focused on face recognition and traffic data applications, and dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence in traffic-related vertical industry scenarios, after years of technical precipitation, now, there are some excellent AI products around us, such as: Focus Intelligent 360-degree arbitrary angle accurate identification of vehicle brand, special Products such as Zheng, Human Posture Recognition, Video Structural Analysis, Cloud-pupil Vehicle View Large Data Platform, Traffic Video Monitoring System, Toll Vehicle Recognition System, etc., make vehicle identification more refined, further strengthen the intelligence of traffic, promote new changes in traffic management and urban management, and at the same time subvert it. Smart travel and business models help to smarter urban transportation.

△Vehicle 360 degree recognition

△Human posture recognition

At present, Zhuo Shi Zhitong vehicle identification and large data products have been successfully applied to nearly 20 provinces and cities in China. The company's traffic incident analysis and toll car type identification system for freeway entrance and exit has covered nearly 20,000 kilometers of freeway. More fully explain the power and importance of "AI+ traffic". Recently, Zhuo Zhi Tong will also hold a new product launch.

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