Zhuo Shi Zhi Tong moved to a new site, do not forget the initial heart, a new set sail!

Looking back on the past, we have accumulated energy and ready to grow. In August, Zhuo Shi Zhitong was destined to be an extraordinary January. Beijing Zhuo Shi Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. officially moved to Room 1001, Block A10, the accelerator sub-station of Dongsheng Science Park in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, which opened a new stage of development for the company.


At 10:30 am on August 18, the company officially began the relocation ceremony, Zhuo Shi Zhitong shareholders, partners and all staff attended the ceremony, jointly congratulated Zhuo Shi Zhitong on the joy of relocation.


First of all, Mr. Wu extended his welcome and thanks to all the staff and guests present. Thank you for your support. At the same time, the company's past achievements and changes were summarized, for the future development, I hope you will continue to support Zhuo Shi Zhitong, we will work harder, with better results in return for everyone.


△Guest speech

Subsequently, Zhuo Zhi Tong CEO Wu Kewei and guests on behalf of the company unveiled.


After the unveiling ceremony, Wu Kewei, CEO, introduced and demonstrated the latest products of the company. Recently, Zhuo Zhi Tong will hold a new product launch. Please look forward to it.


  As the pioneer of the application of artificial intelligence in traffic-related vertical industries, Zhuo Shi Zhitong has been focusing on vehicle face recognition and large data traffic applications. Today, AI and large data scene landing projects are springing up all over the country, which proves the rapid growth of Zhuo Shi Zhitong. The new residence will be renewed, and the nine day grand exhibition will be celebrated. Moving means new starting point and new journey. Zhuo Zhi Tong will not forget the original mind, start a new life, lead the smart city and smart future.

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